HÆR founder Ramon Taitz was driven to hair care when he became frustrated at the lack of truly natural but high-quality products available.

Many styling products available today are either packed with synthetic silicones and petroleum-based oils, or based on very basic, residual plant oils.  Nobody wants heavy, oily hair!  So, armed with 20 years experience in the hairdressing industry and a longstanding love for organic and natural living, Ramon set out to create a range of luxury haircare products of 100% natural botanical origin that would deliver great results without leaving an oily residue.

A chance encounter with a linden tree began a journey that has woven its way back and forth through 34 centuries of botanical medical history, from the work of Carl Linnaeus in 18th century Sweden, back to Dioscorides’ Materia Medica in the first century and beyond.

Ramon realised that for centuries and millennia, physicians, doctors, botanists, herbalists and perfumers of the highest authority the world over had been creating remedies, prescriptions and preparations for the health of hair that were completely natural and in harmony with themselves, their health and their environments.

The path was clear: to recreate these ancient botanical formulae with the benefits of modern science to create luxury haircare for today.

HÆR was born.

Ramon Taitz
Founder of HÆR


At HÆR our values are simple. We believe in combining the natural botanical medical wisdom of our ancestors with sustainable modern scientific practice to create 100% natural origin, ethical, luxury haircare for today.



The formulation of each HÆR Care product is as true to its source as possible, recreating ancient remedies for the Health of Hair that were once used and trusted in by the ancients for their health-giving properties. Now revived, each HÆR Care product is made from 100% natural botanical origin, using certified organic and natural ingredients.

HÆR products are GMO free and do not contain parabens, preservatives, synthetic fragrances or colourants, silicone or petroleum-based hair oils.


HÆR is registered with The Vegan Society and approved under The Leaping Bunny Programme by Cruelty Free International, the international gold standard for cruelty free products.


HÆR products are made with sustainable ingredients. HÆR is committed to a greener and healthier future, both for people and for our planet. We believe that taking care of the world around us is central to caring for ourselves.

‘’Not even the woods and the wilder face of nature are with-out medicines, for there is no place where that holy mother of all things did not distribute remedies for the healing of mankind, so that even the very dessert was made a drugstore.’’

~ Pliny the Elder, 1st Century A.D. ~

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